Partner Program


Partner Program
XeMODeX is planning not to sell any of its products and services to the retail public. Our new business model will focus on developing new relationships with automotive repair shops, distributors and OEM vehicle manufactures.

This change of directions will create a new opportunity for you – the repair shop owner to gain new customers through our online referral program called “Partner Program”. Retail customers can access our “Find a Trusted Repair Shop” database and search for the closest repair facility in their area.

Take advantage of this opportunity today and sign up for our “Partner Program” by completing the form below. Thank you.

Your Benefits as a Partner

Technical Support

Let our wealth of knowledge and experience repairing CAN bus components work to your advantage. If you are unsure of the exact nature of the problem, simply give us a call we will gladly walk you through the process of elimination at no charge!

Component Testing Services

In some cases, the failure of one part may directly affect the proper operation of other components on the CAN bus network. We are able to fully test individual parts for you. Simply send the unit to us and we will run a full diagnostic test for you for only $75 plus the cost of shipping fees.

Preferred Pricing

As our partner you are eligible to purchase our parts at substantial discounts. Exclusive sales only to wholesale and automotive shops (no retail sales).

Online Ordering

Partners can order any of our products and services directly from our secured website 24hrs/7 days a week. Log-in information will be provided upon enrolment.

Customer Referrals

Your company will be listed on our online directory of authorized installers. Retail customers in your area who are looking to purchase and/or install one of our products will be directed to your repair facility. If retail customers call to make a purchase, we will automatically direct them to the closest repair facility in their area to have their car serviced with a XeMODeX part.

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