Remote diagnostic service for Volvo vehicles.

We connect to your car over the internet, diagnose the problem for you and give you our recommendation on the repairs needed. It is faster and more economical for you to use this service, instead of sending individual control units over to us for testing.

Problems that we can assist you with:

Complete or partial CAN high or low speed network shutdown.
Communication between modules.
Communication with a single module.
Communication with the scan tool.
Immobilizer and no start issues.
LIN networks, including calibration and charging problems.
MOST network communication and fiber optic tests.

Supported vehicles:

All 1999 and newer Volvo models.

How much does it cost?

Our remote diagnostic session costs $99.00 dollars. Additional charges might apply depending on your specific case.

What equipment would I need?

In order to establish the remote session with us, you will need a pass-through J2534 diagnostic interface connected to the laptop and the internet. Please contact us for the list of our approved J2534 devices.

If you don’t have the interface, you can rent the complete connectivity kit from us for $50.00 dollars with a $200 refundable deposit, plus shipping fees. The connectivity kit includes the J2534 interface, laptop computer, and connectivity software. Note* We require a signed copy of our rental agreement.

How it works?

Step 1

Complete our on line remote diagnostic request form

Step 2

Our technical department will review the request. Depending on the case, we will make a decision to go ahead with the remote session or not.

Step 3

Make the payment online or by calling our sales department @ 1-888-712-2525

Step 4

If you already have the pass-through interface, we will email you a link for our connectivity software download. This software is already pre-loaded in our rental kit, so there is no need for the download if you opt to rent the kit.

Step 5

We will schedule an appointment for the connectivity session with the customer. First appointment starts at 9:00am and last appointment is at 4:00pm EST

Step 6

Once the session is completed, we will generate the diagnostic report and our recommendations. Copy of this report will be emailed to you