Complete DEF Tank Repair Kit by XeMODeX

Complete DEF Tank
Heater Repair Kit

For Domestic, European and Asian Cars, SUVs, Vans and Trucks

The Best Heater on the Market

This is a brand new heater replacement kit for the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tank. It comes with a new upgraded heating element, level sensor and the temperature sensor. All components are wired in and are ready to be installed without any need for soldering. Simply remove the old unit for the plastic heating pot and replace it with our kit. Each kit includes OEM connectors, making the installation simple and easy.
Our repair kit features major upgrades when comparing it the original factory version. All electronic components used in our kit are the highest quality, military grade parts, for long service life. The heating element itself is constructed from two ½ inch thick aircraft grade aluminum plates, for better heat dissipation. We spared no expense in every aspect of the design, so you can benefit from a long-lasting, well build part.

24.8 heating surface

47% larger heating surface than OEM

Military grade resistors

Proudly made in Canada

The Last Heater you will Ever Buy

We are confident that our kit will last for the rest of the service life of the vehicle and we are backing it with out Lifetime Limited Warranty.







See Our Heating Element in Action

We have increased the heating area by 47%. Watch how much difference that extra 8 sq. inches make when heating the urea DEF fluid form frozen solid state to liquid.

OEM vs XeMODeX Design Comparison

Click on the yellow circles below to view the advantages of our XeMODeX DEF Tank Repair Kit over the OEM

What's Included in Our Kit

Every XeMODeX DEF tank repair kit also contains the following items:

Delivery Pump Oil Rings X 2

Stainless Steel Pump Hex Screws X 3

Tank Vent

Stainless Steel Star Washers X 2

Special XeMODeX Tool

4mm Hex Key

Special XeMODeX Tool

In order to access the heating pot inside the tank, the plastic 6” nut needs to be removed from the tank. We have included a special tool to help you with this task The same special tool is also used to remove and install star washers that retain the heating element inside the heating pot.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tank

Overview and Function
DEF fluid is an ammonia based fluid that is injected into the catalyst a chemical reaction brakes down the NOx into nitrogen, water and small amounts of CO2.

The fluid is stored in the plastic storage tank (9). The fluid’s level is monitored by the level sensor (4). The level sensor consists of four electrodes that measure the fluid level through conductivity. The level sensor only has the capability of reading 0%, 33%, 66% and 100%. Fluid’s temperature is monitored by the NTC temperature sensor (5). Below -34°C (-30°F) the DEF system activation is disabled by the ECM.

DEF fluid is a urea based product, it freezes at -11°C (12.2°F). The heating element (6) is used to prevent the fluid from freezing while the engine is running. With the engine off, the heating element will not engage and the fluid will be allowed to freeze if the ambient temperature is below the fluid’s freezing point. Depending on the size of the tank, it might take up to 5hrs for the fluid to fully thaw out.
DEF fluid is delivered to the pump (1) via suction tube (7). Inside the tube there are three separate passages, two of them are used to deliver the fluid and one to house the electrical supply wire for the heating element. The tube’s inlet is located very close to the heating element to ensure that liquid fluid is available as soon as possible in case it was frozen.

The heating element (6), the temperature sensor (5) and level sensor (4) are housed in the heating pod (3). This allows the heater to heat small portion of the urea at and prevents fluid from splashing around inside the tank which will affect the level sensor and temperature readings.

The delivery pump (1) sucks the fluid from the tank and pressurizes it to a minimum of 3100 millibars. The pressurized fluid exits the pump at the feedline nipple (2) and is delivered via heated pressure line to the dosing injector located at the catalyst. The delivery pump has its own built in heater as well.

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