How to place an order


See below for detailed step-by-step instructions on how to place an order with us.


Repair Service


Place an order online or over the phone toll-free with our sales representative.


We will e-mail you pre-paid shipping labels. You send the part to us via UPS.


We will test, diagnose and repair your module the same day it arrives at our facility.

Our Repair service entails removing the module from your vehicle and sending it to our facility for repair. Once we receive your package, we will test, diagnose and repair your module. We will complete a final test of the module again before shipping it back to you.

This service is a good option if you are unsure if the problem is in a particular module. We will test it before proceeding with the service and provide you with a repair report after completion. Since the programming of your module is not modified in any way, it will be “plug and play” when you get it back!

Placing the order

Purchase the repair service on our website or over the phone with our sales representative.

Check your e-mail

Within 30 minutes of processing your order, we will e-mail you pre-paid shipping labels, shipping instructions and a fault symptoms report.

Ship your part to us

Remove the module from your vehicle and pack it securely in a box roughly the same size as your module. Please ensure that you follow the shipping instructions provided.

Testing and Repair service

If the module faults during our testing process, our technician will proceed with the Repair service as ordered.

Shipping the repaired module back to you

In most cases, the repaired module is shipped back to you the same day we receive your package at our facility. You will receive an email from UPS with the tracking information once your order is shipped.


Once you receive your package, review our repair report and reinstall the module back into your vehicle. Your module should be “plug and play” with all functions restored.


You may contact us by phone toll-free at 1-888-712-2525 (US & Canada) or 905-670-4010 (local). If you haven’t done business with us before, you will be asked to fill out a credit card authorization form before we can process the order. Submitting the order online skips this step since you’re inputting the credit card information yourself.

Orders are processed daily during our regular business hours Monday – Friday 8:30AM to 5PM (EST), excluding holidays.
If the order submission fails, please review the information that you provided us. Your billing address must match the address linked to your credit card. If the information is correct and your order still fails, chances are there is an international block on your credit card. Call your credit card company and they will lift the block temporarily, allowing you to put the order through. If that still doesn’t work, please contact us to place an order over the phone.
Since many issues are intermittent, or can only be tested while the module is inside a working vehicle, there can never be a 100% guarantee that a defective module will fault during our testing process. If the module does not fault, we will contact you with the test results. You will be provided with recommendations from our technicians based on the faults that you provided. In some cases, the options provided may incur additional cost. You will have the option to either proceed with one of the provided recommendations, or have the module sent back to you without proceeding with the service. If you decide to have the module shipped back to you without service, we will refund the service cost minus a $75 test fee. Please note that shipping costs cannot be refunded.
After you place your order, you will receive an e-mail with shipping labels and an attachment called a “Fault Symptoms Report”. This report should be filled out with the faults you’re seeing with the module, diagnostic trouble codes, driving symptoms, etc. Please be as detailed as possible, as our technicians will use the information you provide and compare their findings with your notes. Please do not forget to include this report, as we require it to be filled out before we proceed with testing and servicing the module.
Scott Cullum
Scott Cullum
Amazing speed! I sent a dead module from Vancouver island and it was repaired and returned in under 48hrs…. I don’t know how you did that! Happy to have my suv back! Thank you 😊
Michael B
Michael B
WOW! these guys were able to repair my 2012 chevy 2500HD TCM when everyone in the US said they don't repair them anymore due to too many issues. they received it on a monday, repaired it the same day, shipped it next day and it was in my hands in the los angeles area thurs morn. my mechanic installed it on my truck that same day, along with a new internal wiring harness and BAM, worked like a charm. it's now 4 days later and the truck is running like a champ again. i just hope the repair lasts long enough until chevy gets restocked on TCMs. before they repaired my TCM my truck was sitting for almost 4 months due to no new TCMs available. thanks Xemodex! you saved me from almost giving up and spending 80k on a new truck.
Ryan Hubbard
Ryan Hubbard
I had a part that I honestly did not think could be revived. XeMODeX fixed my control module and got it back to me in record time. This is a top notch company and a pleasure to deal with from start to finish.
sheldon riess
sheldon riess
Good communication and quick service
Guy Posella
Guy Posella
They exceeded my expectations. 8 day turnaround and it looks and works as promised.
Highly recommend Xomodex, sent my ABS module to them for repair and got it back in perfect working condition, no more engine lights👍🏼👍🏼 Quick work too!
victor bryant
victor bryant
Repaired a 13 Honda Accord ABS module...saved me over $2000
Kristina M
Kristina M
Whoever is reading this, JUST DO IT! TCM on our Mazda 5 failed and I was told in the car shop that the new part is 1200 CAD + around 400 CAD for labour, which equals 3-4hrs of work, because it's down there, somewhere under everything in the hood, like it's not easily accessible. Went back home and did my own research, found XeMODeX and found out that this is a common failure with Mazdas 3 and 5. Went back to the car shop and asked them if it was possible to fix the part, the answer was no because it was the computer. I followed my gut, cancelled the ordered TCM with them and decided to do it myself. I am new in this country and have no family to help or tools. Spent $50 on needed tools, took the TCM out and mailed it to Mississauga all the way from Vancouver Island. It was during the long weekend so it took a bit longer for the part to come back, which I don't really mind. I've saved myself at least $1000. Installed TCM back (not on the transmission though, where it was) and the car runs like new! Thank you XeMODeX for helping people who are willing to do things themselves! 💪