TCM Module Repair & Return For Mercedes A & B Class W169 And W245

xemodex_guaranteeThis is a Repair and Return service of your existing TCM module for 722.8 VGS-FCVT transmission. You will need to remove and send your module to us for repair. Upon purchase of this service, we will e-mail you shipping labels and shipping instructions.

Important note: Please separate the TCM from the valve body prior to shipping the part to us. The valve body is heavy and there is a high risk of TCM damage during shipping. Additional shipping fees will apply, when we receive the valve body.

TCM problems that we can fix:
Code P 0793 – the rpm signal from component Y3/9b4 –
Code — 0722 – rpm signal from component Y3/9b5 –
Code — 0896 – impermissible adjustment of the step down ratio in the (CVT)

Warranty: One year, unlimited millage.

APPLICATION: For Mercedes Benz
2005-2011 B Class W245
2004-2012 A Class W169

Reference part numbers:
A1693700806| A1693701006 | A1693701106
A1695451032 | А1695451062 | A0034462410
A1693700406 | A1693700506 | A1693700606

Note* We are not responsible for labor costs for removing the TCM during the warranty period. Read our warranty policy here.

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