The Fork Position Sensor for PDK Transmissions

The Fork Position Sensor for Porsche PDK Transmission

For Porsche 911, Porsche Cayman and Porsche Boxster, equipped with ZF DT70, ZF DT45 PDK Transmission Now Available

The Most Advanced Fork Position Sensor on the Market

This is a brand-new Fork Position Sensor, manufactured by XeMODeX Inc. The Sensor is now available as a direct replacement part for Porsche PDK Transmissions. Our Fork Position Sensor uses the latest components in automotive electronics applications to surpass the OEM design. Our sensor is designed to work in an extreme high temperature environment and is backed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Fork Position Sensor failure commonly occurs in vehicles with PDK Transmissions, such as the Porsche 997, 991, 987 and 981 models. OEM replacement sensors are not available through the dealership or its transmission supplier, ZF. The only option is to buy a new PDK transmission (MSRP is around $25,000 dollars). We are offering our replacement Fork Position Sensor at a fraction of that cost.


170℃/ 338℉

Sustained operating

Engineered by
XeMODeX Inc.


CNC machined
aluminum block

Proudly manufactured
in Canada

AEC-Q200 Automotive Standards for Electronic Components


Temperature Range ℃

Temperature Range ℉


-40 to 170℃

-40 to 338℉

XeMODeX Fork Position Sensor


-50 to +150℃

-58 to 302℉

All automotive


-40 to +125℃

-40 to 257℉

Under hood componenets


-40 to +105℃

-40 to 221℉

Passenger compartment ( Hot spot)


-40 to +85℃

-40 to 185℉

Most pasenger compartments

The Last Fork Position Sensor you will Ever Buy

We are confident that our Fork Position Sensor will last for the rest of the service life of the vehicle, and we are backing it with our Lifetime Limited Warranty.







XeMODeX Fork Position Sensor Installed

Common Diagnostic Trouble Codes

DTC Codes



Shift rod 1 displacement sensor


Shift rod 2 displacement sensor


Shift rod 3 displacement sensor


Shift rod 4 displacement sensor

What's Included in Our Kit

Every XeMODeX Fork Sensor will also come with the following items:

Fork Position Sensor

Shrink Tube 1 (3/16 - 5 inches long)

Shrink Tube 2 (1/4 - 5 inches long)

Shrink Tube 3 (1/16 - 1 x 3 long)

Zip Tie

Surpassing the OEM

We’ve designed our Fork Position Sensor from the ground up. Explore the reasons why you should choose us over the OEM.

6061 Aluminum Housing

The housing for our Fork Position Sensor is cut from a solid 6061 aluminum block using in-house CNC machines. 6061 is generally used in the production of automotive parts, such as the chassis of Audi A8. Our sensor exceeds AEC-Q200 Automotive Standard for Grade 0 requirements by 20°C (68°F). It is rated to operate in sustained temperatures of 170°C (338°F).

Epoxy Encapsulation

Our Epoxy encapsulation uses 832HT potting compound. It is designed for high temperature operation with extreme physical strength and chemical resistance. The service temperature ranges between -40°C to 225°C (-40°F to 437°F).

PWM Linear Sensors

Our AECQ100 qualified linear sensors are designed for stringent automotive applications. The operating temperatures are between TJ= -40°C to +170°C (TJ= -40°F to +338°F). When the temperature rises, the sensor will adjust internal characteristics to compensate for any temperature drift. Output values are adjusted for improved accuracy.

Engineered by XeMODeX

Our circuit board was designed in-house. It is made from polyimide flex with a tensile strength of 2500 psi (@ 25°C) and an Immersion Gold (ENIG) surface finish. The operating temperatures are between TJ= -125°C to +200°C (Tj= -193°F to +392°F).

OEM Connector

Our Fork Position Sensor features a brand-new OEM connector made by LK Connectors in Italy. LK is an OEM supplier for ZF. The connector is shipped to us fully assembled with factory crimped high-temperature wiring and is fully populated with 16 pins. We include brand-new double oil rings to ensure a tight seal to prevent oil leaks.

Transferring the RPM Sensor

Click on the button below to view the instructions to transfer the RPM Sensor (please note the RPM Sensor is not included in this kit).